With state of the art security and a simple transaction process that is the virtual equivalent of familiar paper cheques, eCheck Casinos are increasing in number all the time. To date the versatile payment and withdrawal system has facilitated over $100m in payments and counts international giants including American Express, JP Morgan Chase, IBM and numerous online casinos amongst its vast customer base. The new generation payment process enables the transferral of funds directly from your bank account to that of the casinos’ and vice versa. As there is no third party involvement and transactions are automatically validated, eCheck allows you to access your bank roll and winnings almost immediately. Find an eCheck compatible Canadian online casino right now by browsing our recommended eCheck casino compilation listed below at CanadaLiveCasino.com!


Introduction to eCheck Casino Transactions

If you know how to write out a cheque you’ll instinctively know how to use the convenient eCheck deposit and withdrawal method. Simply go online and complete the virtual equivalent of a cheque by filling in all the requisite information on a user friendly form. Once completed the eCheck is electronically sent to the merchant’s bank account where it is deposited, cleared and validated before the funds are made available. To cash out your winnings visit the casino cashier page, select eCheck as your chosen withdrawal method, enter the amount you’d like to withdraw and within minutes your bank account will be credited. As a direct bank to bank transferral system security is highly optimised. Each eCheck has a unique digital fingerprint that can be remotely tracked to prevent fraud whereas incorruptible digital signatures are integrated into the system using complex mathematical algorithms.


Why Play at eCheck Casinos?

eCheck Casinos facilitate fast, efficient and completely secure transactions online. All sensitive data is encrypted and protected by advanced security measures while an automatic verification process validates funds availability prior to payment. Although eChecks are innovative virtual payment methods, the system incorporates all the great features of traditional cheques such as stop payment and uncomplicated reconciliation. You don’t have to register a new account, the process can be initiated from a wide variety of software applications and hardware platforms and it’s available to any player with a valid bank account.

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